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Daily devotional journals available in wholesale

Best Prayer Journals for Individuals / Small Quantities

Could your church members benefit from a daily devotional journal? When you place a prayer journal bulk order, not only do you save money, you also get the chance to promote your organization or cause too.

You'll like these prayer journals because they're well designed. Each page is beautifully rendered and is set up to help guide you through your daily devotions.

  • Some ideas for you... You can order in quantity for gifts, marketing and promoting your organization, and for fundraising. They make great additions to your bible study group, or children's religion classes too. And, because these journals are non-denominational, they are suitable for spiritual seekers of all types.
  • Make a great impression... When you order more than 50 journals, you can have your organization name and logo added to the front cover.
  • Save time and energy... When you order in quantities of 100 or more, you can also add envelopes to your order. Choose the gift envelope style to make the best impression. And save even more time and energy by having us do the envelope insertion for you. Then all you'll need to do is open the box and hand out or mail your journal.

We are in the process of re-designing this product, as our usual supplier has discontinued their prayer journals. If you would like to be notified when the new design is available, or would like us to produce a custom-design for you, please request a quote.

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