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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with all the information you need to keep track of? In today's world of information overload, there can seem to be no end to the number of things you're keeping info on.

There are things you want to keep track of, like food and exercise.
We've got several easy ways to do just that.  Or have us create one for you.

  • Our food journal gives you lots of room to record your details, and also makes it easy to track your progress against your goals each day.  
  1. Available for bulk order too - a real help for dieticians.  
  • We have several types of diet and exercise journals to help you keep track of both calories and exercise.  All are available for bulk orders - a great help for personal trainers and medical professionals.
  1. Choose a journal format, a logbook format or a diary format. 
  • Want to focus on exercise in a detailed way?  Our exercise logs give you the ability to  do just that.  Record your exercise by body area, reps and even type of class.   
  1. Gyms and personal trainers will benefit by adding their logo to the cover.

There are also lots of fun things that become easier to enjoy when you can easily keep track of what you've done.  Choose bulk order, or create a custom logbook for your interests.

  • Play golf?  You can enjoy watching your progress and maybe even brag a bit, with your handy dandy golf journal.
  • Enjoy cooking more when you can write down your favorite recipes in a recipe journal.
  • Even your spiritual life can benefit when you take the time to record your thoughts in a personal prayer journal to record your devotions.

Important log books for your family and health

There are important things you need to keep track of, like medication, or blood sugar if you have diabetes.  Chances are you haven't been given an easy way to do it. We've got it for you here.

If you've got special needs, then having a medication log, food diary and / or a symptoms diary can be critically important, especially when there are several care givers involved. And, if you've got special needs children, then there IEPs and other important school things to track, and having a parent - teacher communication log is a real benefit.

  1. There are three types of medication logs available to suit your needs, and each gives you a place to log when medication is taken as well as what it is for and the doctor that prescribed it - a real help for other family members, caregivers and medical staff:
  • The personal medication log gives you the lots and lots of room to keep track of each of your medication - a huge benefit for historical records.
  • The caregivers medication log gives space to record the initials of each person that administered the meds, as well as provide important information that should be available for all caregivers.
  • The Spanish-English Medication Log helps bridge any language barrier between patients, caregivers and medical staff.  All of the log information is presented in both Spanish and English.
  1. All of the medication logs are available for bulk order, and organizations may add their logo to the cover.  Custom medication logs are also available.

We have a special needs family, so we understand that need, and have the right logs for parents, teachers and caregivers dealing with people of all ages with disabilities and other special needs.

Keeping track of information at work

Even doing the simple things like keeping track of visitors to your organization can become a chore if you don't have a good system in place. Imagine though how much better it is when your visitor log also is customized with your logo, and maybe even a welcome message or your tag line.

Isn't that a more professional image to present to your visitors? We can help.

  • If you're in an industry that is big on requirements for logging activity, then you've come to the right place. For starters, we'll track down forms and logs for the transportation industry, along with the forms that you and your clients need to manage their end of deliveries.
  • No matter what industry you're in, if you deal with clients at all, you've probably found yourself occasionally searching around for bits of paper recording client requests, names and phone numbers, right?It seems that people are forever grabbing whatever piece of paper is handy to record your requests, doesn't it? No wonder things get missed!
  • And, if you're in an organization with several people servicing clients, it can be a nightmare trying to keep track of who is doing what. And, what happens when someone's sick and you don't know where they left off? Ever had a client call and want to know where things stand, but you don't know the answer?

In a previous lifetime, I was responsible for managing a customer service call center, so I know how important it is to know what everyone is doing. I found that having everyone use a customer service log was a huge help. Not only did my staff have an easy way to keep track of their client requests and inquiries, it gave me an easy way to track the number of inquiries per person, and get a handle on how well and how quickly we could provide service and answer questions..

Even more importantly, it gave me an easy way to figure what types of requests and inquiries came in on a regular basis. That gave me important and timely data on where and how to continually improve our methods and service, without having to rely on costly surveys once a year. And besides, the annual surveys are usually way too broad to provide real value, aren't they?

Having an effective client service log helped me win several customer service awards. It also helped my staff and entire department win awards. As for the annual Service Quality surveys, we consistently had an over 90% satisfaction rating, ranking us in the top 6% worldwide for my international company.

You can benefit from the system I used too.You see, I've always been a bit of an organization addict when it comes to information. I like using things that are easy and effective. Even better when they happen to look great too!So I've pulled together all sorts of effective methods for keeping info for you. In addition to the log books that I've created over the years, I've pulled together the best selection of functional logbooks, journals, diaries, planners, agenda and calendars that's out there for you too.I'm always on the lookout for themed items as well, so you can easily add small pleasures like your favorite images.Not only will I help you find great ways for keeping info, I'll help you decide how to best meet your needs, and show you the hard-to-find items, like large print calendars, and other large print items.Looking for bulk orders, or custom imprinting? We can help! Just contact us for details.Check in with us often, as we'll be constantly adding to our selection of products, reviews and advice. For that matter, let us know about your favorites too! Let us know what works, what doesn't and why. Or make requests and recommendations. We'd love to hear from you.Here's to taming the information tiger!

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