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This food and fitness journal is ideal for people who work in the health or fitness fields.  You can add your logo to a hard cover combination food journal and workout journal.  Choose from 3 different covers, or mix and match to best suit your organization.  A minimum order of 100 personal journals is required.  

Or, for best pricing, go with no logo, and then only a minimum of 50 journals is required. This will also speed up order processing.

This journal looks at fitness in a holistic way, and encourages users to record their daily exercise / activity, as well as their social and emotional states for the day.  It is useful for people who deal with emotional eating issues.  It is also useful for people who are gently incorporating exercise activity into their day, rather than adhering to an exercise regimen in any way.

Each day is one page, and the logbook has 100 food journal pages - enough for 3 months as then some.

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