Chinese Zodiac Calendar

The Chinese Zodiac Calendar offers a multi-cultural experience along with beauty and practicalality.  Both the wall calendars and desktop calendar designs are gorgeous.

Look at the artwork for any of the Chinese Lunar Calendars and you'll see a glorious display of color and intricate design.

Red and gold are traditionally colors of good luck, so you'll see them prominently displayed in much of the artwork.

Check out the Wall Calendars, desktop calendars, and even Chinese Zodiac Calendar Mousepads for a great variety in design.  

You're sure to find something you like.

And be sure to check out the other Year of the Rooster items to the right too!

There are some interesting ideas that designers have come up with to celebrate this year's zodiac symbol.

Wall Calendars and Desktop Calendars

The traditional Chinese Zodiac calendar is in a beautiful scroll format, with painted images.

The images show a wide variety of artistic styles, and it's not uncommon to find cartoonish versions, as well as those with more of a fine art look.

Year of the Rooster

Calendar Mouse Pads

Want double-duty desktop calendars that celebrates the Year of the Rooster?

Just below is a great selection of calendars that are multi-functional.
Not only does it give you this year's Zodiac symbol and calendar,
it is also a mousepad.

Or, choose a standard Year of the Rooster Mousepad

For even more cool items featuring the Year of the Rooster,
check out the items to the right...
There are some interesting items in addition to 
mugs, magnets, clothing and keychains.
There are beautiful card sets, coins, a display plate and even
covers for technology, like your iPad or phone.

All of the items to the right beautifully display the
Year of the Rooster symbol of the calendar.

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Year of the Rooster

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