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How this business came to be

What happens if you're an analytical type person who loves to organize stuff?

You find ways to organize everything in a way that is as efficient as possible.

There are all sorts of products to organize stuff, there are a lot less products to organize information.  Especially information that you want at your fingertips, both at home and at work.  

So in addition to scouring the market to see what is there, I also created my own methods - logbooks and journals to keep track of important information.

Keeping track of important information at work

In a previous career, I was responsible for managing a customer service call center, so I know how important it is to know what everyone is doing.

Yet, even though every company in the world needs to have a way of keeping track of client requests, I couldn't find anything that met the basic need of a client inquiry.

So I invented my own Client Inquiry forms, and had them bound into a tear-off pad.  Completed forms were collected and entered into a logbook that I kept as an ongoing record.   In later environments, I had the blank forms bound as a logbook, so that each customer service rep had their own way of keeping track of each of the clients they helped.  

At the company where I worked, word got around about its ease of use, and other branches of the company started coming to me to ask me for the form too.

Having an effective client service log helped me win several customer service awards. It also helped my staff and entire department win awards. As for the annual Service Quality surveys, we consistently had an over 90% satisfaction rating, ranking us in the top 6% worldwide for my international company.

Much later on, the customer inquiry log came in handy when I developed my own business too.  And I still use them today.

I've also created other custom forms and logbooks for other organizations too.

One example is a custom log to track orders for flower delivery.  Before the logbook, orders were scribbled on whatever piece of paper was handy - an easy way to lose track of what has come in, especially if there are several staff involved.  

And for the walk in client that sees random scribbling on scrap paper?  Not very professional looking at all.  Instead use our logbook with your logo on every page, and even have the client sign the form, so that you are protected in the event of dispute.

Every business that takes in person orders or phone orders can benefit from a logbook.  Let us design one that meets your business needs perfectly.

Keeping track of important information at home

food journal

In the meantime, like almost everyone else, I wanted to find a way to eat healthier so that I could better manage my weight.

There aren't very many food diaries out there to begin with, and what I found all offered tiny little spaces to write in.  And then after writing my tiny notes, I'd have to review my notes several times a day to sort out where I was in terms of where I should be - was I eating enough of each food group, or was I eating too much of one food group?

So, using the form-creation skills I learned at work, I created a food journal that finally gave me enough room to write in, and has food group boxes at the top of every page.    Finally I had something that worked!

It didn't take long for friends to ask me to create my food journal for them too.

Keeping track of kids and medication for the whole family

Later on, I became the parent of a special needs child.  Like every parent, I needed to keep track of meds prescribed when he got sick.  

And, as every parent knows, keeping awake and alert enough to even administer the meds is challenge enough when you're exhausted from caring for a sick child!

Once he had to go on seizure medication then it became even more important.  Especially when multiple people are providing the meds.

And so, the medication logs were created for that need - both for personal or family use, and for caregivers, so that we could communicate with each other easily.

The development of the nanny diary filled in the final gap of tracking what went on at home when I was at work.

The development of a bilingual medication log came about when I watched an immigrant relative struggle with understanding and keeping track of medication that needed to be given to her husband struggling with cancer.  

It was a lot to deal with on top of the exhaustion and stress of caregiving.  

So I created the bilingual med log so that English speaking medical staff could record the med instructions in the log, and she could read them in her language.  

It was a HUGE relief for her.

personal medication log
caregiver medication log
spanish english medication log

As immigration is a key factor in most English-speaking countries, having a bilingual medication log is the only way of effectively helping people who speak another language.

I chose Spanish as the first bilingual journal since that is the most common language after English in North America.

As requests come in, other bilingual journals will become available - not just medication journals, but all of the journals we create.

Custom logbooks and promotional items

You can benefit from the information tracking systems I developed too.

In addition to the log books that I've created over the years, I've pulled together a great selection of other well-designed logbooks, journals, diaries, planners, agenda and calendars for you too.

If you run a business, then there are two ways you can benefit. 

Use logbooks or journals or custom form pads to keep track on internal information, and provide journals for your clients to use.  Whenever you provide journals for your clients, you are promoting your organization in a very effective way. And as their family and friends see the journals, it will create an opportunity for a personal referral too.

Use food, diet and exercise logs, or other health management journals, like the Diabetes Care Journal, to help you help your clients be successful.  Promote your organization at the same time by adding your logo on the front cover.

If you're in the medical field, help your patients keep track of prescribed medication.  This is especially important for emergency staff that need to have this critical information right away.  For patients that don't speak English use a bilingual medication log.  Need a language other than Spanish?  Let us know.

In the past, we've done logbooks and journals for hospitals, medical centers, personal trainers, community health organizations, schools, daycare programmes, florists and many more.  We can create custom business tracking forms for any business.

We can create custom logbooks / journals and business tracking forms of any kind to meet your exact needs.

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