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Spanish English Medication Log

Do you have a Spanish English medical practice or have patients that speak Spanish as their primary language? A Spanish English Medication Log book is a great way to help them stay on top of their medication requirements.

And, because it's fully bilingual, it also makes it easy for their family members, caregivers and all members of their health team to have the information they need at their fingertips.

This is a great idea for Spanish speaking seniors, who often have several medications that they need to keep track of. The Spanish - English Medication log book will benefit their families and caregivers too.

And, in the case of an emergency, current medications and medication history is critical information for emergency medical personnel.

What's inside...

  • Log each day's medication...These Spanish English medication log books are great because there is separate sheet provided for each medication by month, so it's easy for them to record when they've taken their meds, as well as whether they need to remember to take it with food or store in the refrigerator.
  • Prescription information....Each page also has room to record other important details for that prescription too - including the prescription number, the pharmacy name and contact info, and their prescribing doctor's contact information as well. When it comes time to renew, all the information they need is right there.
  • Prescription history.....Another great feature of these English Spanish medication logs is the running history of all medication prescribed. That makes it easy for a doctor or pharmacist to quickly scan the patients history and current medication and ensure that there are no inappropriate drug combinations prescribed - a major problem in many places.

Some ideas for your organization...

  • Make a great impression... You can also choose to add your custom imprint (logo / organization information) printed on the front cover. This is a great way to promote your Spanish English medical organization or cause, as well as provide a handy reference for your patient.
  • A great fundraising idea... For organizations that are doing fundraising in the Hispanic / Latino community, you'll find that these Spanish English Medication Logs can be a great way raise funds while also improving health care record keeping for families..

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