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When you're feeling sick, it's really hard to think of anything too complex. All you want to do is just feel better -soon. But, you need your medication to get there. Your personal medication log is a great way to take that worry off your shoulders, so you can focus on getting better.

And if it's someone else in your household that's sick, then you're probably dealing with exhaustion on top of worry and the extra work involved in caring for your 'sickie'. If you're a parent, you especially know what I mean.

For seniors, having an easy way to keep track of this vital information will not only help you if you happen to have a "senior's moment". For your visiting family who may be assisting you it can be a huge help. Believe me, they'll really appreciate it. You can give them the information they need without having to worry about finding the right time to bring up a discussion of your health issues. It's all there, in black and white, easy for everyone to understand.

But, it's not just you and your family that will benefit from your personal medication log. Bring it with you to your doctor so that they have a better picture of what your medication history has been. They'll especially appreciate knowing if you're taking other medications as well. It's vitally important to ensure that you're not mixing certain types of drugs. Or, sometimes the dosage of a medication will be altered to account for possible side effects of other medications.

I hope that you're never in this situation, but if you ever need emergency medical assistance, paramedics at the scene will greatly benefit from knowing your medication history - and make sure you bring it with you to the hospital as well. This information can be critical in an emergency.

What does this personal medication log track?

You'll have an easy way to record both the dosage prescribed and the times medication is taken each day. One page per month, with room for notes, so you have a concise record.

There's also a spot to record the details of the presription - the prescription number, drugstore information and doctor information, so everything is at your fingertips when you need it for renewal.

And in the event of an emergency, it's vital to get that accurate information quickly. And it's in a spiral notebook form, so that you have an ongoing log of your personal medication history, in an easy to use book that always folds flat.

Record important instructions

We've provided space to record other important details about the medication as well, such as whether it is to be taken with food , and whether it requires refrigeration . There is a also a spot to record critical doctor contact information, and a summary log of medications prescribed. You'll be surprised how often you'll be asked for your medication history. Especially if you're trying to nail down causes of strange symptoms.

Having one place to log your personal medications is a huge help to your medical team. Help your family by making it easy for everyone to know this critical medication information. 

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The Personal Medication Log is also available for bulk purchase at discounted rates. For health professionals and agencies that provide caregiver support services to families, you may also want to consider having a custom cover printed with your organization name and logo.

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