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In a world where most families have both parents working, having a nanny can be a huge benefit. Nanny diaries can act as great way of sharing the details of the day, and for parents and caregivers to pass on important information. Even Supernanny recommended keeping a nanny diary in a recent show.

If a child isn't feeling well, or perhaps had a minor mishap, it helps to have a place to record the details as it happens, so that it doesn't get lost in the rush of end of day changeover.

It also helps to have documentation of what the child has done each day so that there is consistency in expectations and the behavior of caregivers in the child's life.

It can also be great fun to record all the cute things a child says and does. Those first few years are the most interesting and entertaining, and it can become a great keepsake.

Lastly, a nanny diary can also be hugely important as a safety tool. If a child has an allergic reaction, it's critically important to know exactly what the child had to eat and when.

And, if a child is hurt, much better to know in advance rather than discover a scrape or a bruise and not know the cause or severity.

This nanny diary makes it easy to record the day's activity. There's a section that logs meals and snacks, another for activities, and a spot to record any health issues that arise, including emotional issues.

There's also a free form area to record details that are appropriate for each family and child's circumstance. For older children, it may include details on homework or visits with friends, while for infants, it may be appropriate to record bowel movements or toilet training efforts.

At the front of the Nanny Diary is a spot to record important contact and emergency information, so it's readily at hand should it be needed.

You will probably find that using a Nanny Diary will not only act as an important log of the child's day, it can also become a tool for the nanny and parents to reflect on progress and goals and deepen the relationship between all of the child's caregivers.

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The Nanny Diary is also available for bulk purchase at discounted rates. For agencies that provide nanny and caregiver support services to families, you may also want to consider having a custom cover printed with your organization name and logo.

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